Here Are Some Adorable Penguins Wearing Hand Knit Sweaters, Which Happen to be Saving Their Lives

Photo: ABC News

Did you know that in the event of an oil spill, penguins can avoid being poisoned and/or freezing to death just by putting on a cozy sweater? It’s true. Penguin sweaters, besides being ridiculously cute, buy the little penguins time while they wait for workers to come and clean them up. Most recently, a disastrous oil spill took place off the coast of New Zealand–2,500 barrels of heavy fuel to be exact–leaving many penguins coated in oil.

However, thanks to the power of knitting, these little fellas will hopefully make it through–and continue to be the cutest things on the planet. Independent green news site Gist put out a call for knitters to knit some penguin sweaters for the oil spill victims. A New Zealand yarn store even posted patterns for penguin sweaters and judging by these pictures, penguin sweater knitters actually get pretty creative.

Apparently, the call to knit worked: the New Zealand yarn store has reported that they don’t need anymore sweaters–or jumpers, as they call them. However, if you want to knit one anyway, we don’t blame you. Click through for a few more pics:

Photos via The Frisky

Photo: ABC News

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